Gallery of images from party celebrating 40 years of PAJ @ Robert Wilson Loft in Midtown (2016).


Gallery of images from party celebrating PAJ 100 @ Location One in SoHo (2012).

Current Issue: PAJ 122

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Inside PAJ 123

  • Featured Articles

    • Judith Malina, A Memoir of Valeska Gert and the Beggar Bar

    • Janet Werther, Discovering Stephen Varble

    • Daniel Sack, The Malady of Film in the Theatre: Katie Mitchell Stages Marguerite Duras

    • Bonnie Marranca, Our Town, 2019

    • Aynsley Vandenbroucke, Bodies of Silence, Parts of an Essay

  • Twenty-first Century Europe

    • Johannes Birringer, Low-End Resilience Theory

    • Matt Cornish, Prelapsarian

  • Lepage-Mnouchkine Kanata Controversy

    • Ariane Mnouchkine in conversation with Joëlle Gayot, Introduction by Nora Armani, Cultures Are Not Anyone’s Property

    • Michel Vaïs, Lepage and Mnouchkine Collide with Cultural Appropriation

  • Art & Performance Notes

    • Warren Kluber, Speaking in Tongues: The Languages of American Democracy

    • Kristin Moriah, Where Are the Black Angels?

    • Sean F. Edgecomb, A Panoramic View

  • Play

    • Heather J. Denyer, Transcending Reality in African Theatre

    • Musika, Aristide Tarnagda, Translated by Heather J. Denyer

  • Books & Company:

    • Peter A. Campbell, Somebody for Everybody: Approaching Greek Tragedy in the Twenty-First Century

Inside PAJ 122

  • Honoring Carolee Schneemann

  • Featured Articles

    • Ann McCoy, Pulled From the Shadows: William Kentridge's African Dance of Death

    • Carol Becker, The Agitated Now: Perceptions of Time and the Contemplative Space of Art

    • Abigail Levine, How We Remember: Judson Dance Theater at MoMA

    • Ellen Pearlman, The Resurgence of Russian Cosmism

  • American Playwrights Celebrate Caryl Churchill at Eighty

    • Sibyl Kempson, Permanent Permission Slip (Thank You, Caryl Churchill)

    • Julia Jarcho, On Caryl Churchill

    • Richard Nelson, A Singular Voice

    • Anne Washburn, Caryl Churchill: Only Dimly Understood

    • Lenora Champagne, Disruptor and Provocateur

    • Eric Ehn, Naught-o-Naut, In and Out of the Blue

    • Fiona Templeton, Notes on the Poetics of Caryl Churchill's Escaped Alone

    • Caridad Svich, Churchill's Vision

    • Sarah Ruhl, On Caryl Churchill and Dull Grey

  • Art & Performance Notes

    • Amir Farjoun, The Image of Freedom: On Fabre's Mount Olympus

    • Sarah Lucie, Posthuman Visions

    • Christine Sustek Williams, What Fears May Come?

  • Play

    • Philippa Wehle, Soccer Fans on Stage

    • Stadium, Mohamed El Khatib, Translated from the French by Philippa Wehle

  • Books & Company:

    • Ryan Anthony Hatch, Hallucinating Networks and Secret Museums: Hito Steyerl on Our Aesthetic Immiseration

Inside PAJ 121

  • Featured Articles

  • Art and Performance Notes

    • Valentina Valentini, Voices from Soviet History

    • Peter Eckersall, Correspondence and the Parallax View

    • Zhiyong Mo, Lampo Leong: Breathing Dao

    • Geoffrey Lokke, The Theatre of Andy Warhol: Pork in New York and London

    • Susan Yung, Paul Taylor and the Legacy of American Modern Dance

    • Julie Poitras Santos, Oracle Script: Jen Bervin's Silk Poems

  • Play

    • Di Brandt, Working Against Gravity: The Many Lives of Jenny Erpenbeck

    • Jenny Erpenbeck Translated from german by Di Brandt, Cats Have Nine Lives

  • Books & Company

    • Margaret Araneo, Negotiating New York: Performance in a Changing Urban Landscape

Inside PAJ 120

  • Featured Articles 

  • Art & Performance Notes

    • Meredith Mowder, Does What Happened in the Club, Stay in the Club?

    • Mara Valderrama, The Thunder Inside

    • Kelly I. Aliano, A Conquest for the Twenty-first Century

  • Articles

    • Aleks Sierz, British Theatre after Brexit: One Year On

    • Paul David Young, Forgetting History: Report from Berlin/Theatertreffen 2018

    • Elena Bellina, Theatre and Gender Performance: WWII Italian POW Camps in East Africa

  • Play

    • Ania Aizman, War in Everyday Life in Russia

    • Mikhail Durnenkov, Are We at War Yet?

  • Books & Company

    • Warren Kluber, Theatres of War


Inside PAJ 119

  • Dan Venning, Richard III in the Era of Trump

  • Paul David Young, Hillbilly Tragedy: What's Not Playing in American Theatres in the 2017-18 Season

  • Kay Larson, Empty Duration and the Generosity of John Cage

  • Edmund B. Lingan, The Occult Art of L'ordre de la Rose+Croix du Temple et du Graal: Sâr Joséphin Péladan's R+C Salons, 1892-1897

  • Split Britches, Ruff

  • Dance and Drawing

    • Bonnie Marranca, Thinking/Drawing/Dancing

    • Annie-B Parson, Stuff

    • Walter Dundervill, Drawing Clarification

    • Gwen Welliver, Self-Portraiture/Self-Prompt

    • Jan Rae, Drawing the Language of Dance

    • Cathy Weis, What's My Line

    • Okwui Okpokwasilli and Peter Born, Process Notation

    • Elizabeth Streb, The Methodology for Choreographing Extreme Action

    • Laurent Goldring, The Dancer and the Computer, Part Two

    • Jon Kinzel, Movement Engineer

    • Virgilio Sieni, Atlas of the Gesture

  • Reviews of The Exterminating Angel (Thomas Ades); Burning Doors (Belarus Free Theatre); CODED (Xaviera Simmons)

  • Books reviewed on performance; Reconsidering Archives in Performance; Black Performance on the Outskirts of the Left; Performance Art in Eastern Europe since 1960; Microdramas

Inside PAJ 118

  • Bonnie Marranca, Writing at the Edge of Time editorial

  • Sam Shepard, Experimental Theatre Then and Now

  • Anne Bogart, Copy, Transform, Combine

  • Sophie Landres, The First Non-Human Action Artist: Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik in Robot Opera

  • David Rothenberg, Spider Music

  • Bonnie Marranca, Afternoon at the Villa Panza

  • Richard Sandler, The Eyes of the City

  • Michael Maizels, Gendered Bodies: Bruce Nauman Meets Meredith Monk

  • Isaiah Matthew Wooden, Jefferson Pinder and the Art of Black Endurance

  • Piet Defraeye, Philosophical Tales

  • Pieter De Buysser The Last Tragedy

  • Reviews of Manual Cinema (BAM); Blank Out (Armory); Headlong Dance Theatre (Philadelphia)

  • Books reviewed on media and performance; Trisha Brown; Imagined theatres

Inside PAJ 117

  • Yvonne Rainer, A Truncated History of the Universe for Dummies

  • Philip Auslander, Film Acting and Performance Capture

  • Agustin Schang, 537 Broadway: Performance and Buildings

  • Etel Adnan, At A Certain Hour of the Night

  • Lee Breuer, Red Beads

  • Joseph Cermatori, Robert Lepage in Double Time

  • Sahar Assaf, Political Theatre Between Wars


Inside PAJ 116

Inside PAJ 115

  • Bonnie Marranca, The Artist in the World

  • Aleks Sierz, Dark Times: British Theatre After Brexit

  • John Jesurun interview with Christophe Collard

  • Michael Maizels, "Steve Reich, Richard Serra, and the Discovery of Process"

  • Kelly Aliano on Taylor Mac

  • Elfriede Jelinek, Shadow.Eurydice Says. Gitta Honegger, trans., on Jelinek

  • Brooke Carlson on performance/drawing

  • Janet Werther on the Ballez company's Sleeping Beauty & the Beast

  • Joseph Cermatori on Arvo Part/Robert Wilson Adam's Passion

  • Anja Foerschner on Belgrade artist Marta Jovanović

Inside PAJ 114

  • Bonnie Marranca, "Life and Death Matters"

  • James M. Harding, spiritual vanguardism

  • Johannes Birringer, Alexander McQueen fashion

  • Andrea Kleine on DD Dorvillier

  • Michal Kobialka, Tadeusz Kantor centenary

  • Wendy Perron on Simone Forti

  • Aleister Crowley's play The Savior

  • Manuel Cirauqui, sound and the trace

Inside PAJ 113

  • Francesco Spampinato, "Body Surrogates: Mannequins, Life-Size Dolls, and Avatars"

  • William Kentridge, Lulu Drawings

  • Linda Montano, Dad Art

  • Gianina Cărbunariu play, Mihaela, the Tiger of Our Town

  • George Hunka, books on Brecht

  • Adam Weinert, The Reaccession of Ted Shawn

  • Annie-B. Parson, David Bowie

  • Interview with Vaginal Davis

Inside PAJ 112

  • Bonnie Marranca, "Present Tense"

  • Richard Maxwell Play - Isolde

  • Carol Becker on Utopia

  • Douglas Dunn on Shame

  • Eric Bentley, "Writing For a Political Theatre"

  • Tom Walker, Living Theatre Memoir

  • Oana Cajal, "Posters For Unwritten Plays"

  • Book Reviews and Festival Reports

Inside PAJ 111


Inside PAJ 110

  • Paisid Aramphongphan "Andy Warhol, Fred Herko, and Dance"

  • Urban Dramaturgies

  • Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas, Hyphen Hub at The Red Door, New York City Ellen Pearman

  • Soviet Mass Spectacles and the Paris Commune Daniel C. Gerould


Inside PAJ 109

  • Cathryn Dwyre and Chris Perry
    "Expanded Fields: Architecture/Landscape/Performance"

  • Ten design portfolios featuring installations, robotics, ecological projects and immersive spaces

  • Interview with Bernard Tschumi

  • Sun Farm: Body, Self, Universe Daniela Bertol, Performance in the Age of Neoliberalism George Hunka, The Dictator Issam Mahfouz

Inside PAJ 108

  • Manuel Ciraqui “The Room Trick: Sound as Site”

  • Roundtable for the 2013-14 theatre season, with Joseph Cermatori, Miriam Felton-Dansky, Ryan Anthony Hatch

  • Kenneth King writes on his early years at Warhol’s Factory

  • Alexandra Ripp’s commentary on Chilean Theatre in 2013

  • Robert Ashley’s Pillars


Inside PAJ 107 — Performance Drawing available on Kindle

  • Tony Orrico, Jonah Bokaer, Caroline Bergvall, Romeo Castellucci, George Quasha, Clifford Owens, Carolee Schneemann, Warren Neidich, and others — 17 portfolios featuring a text and drawings by each artist

  • Interview with Joan Jonas, U.S. artist in 2015 Venice Biennale

  • Graphis scores by Dick Higgins

PAJ 100 — Performance New York available on Kindle 
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here and read the editorial here

Several generations of artists, curators, critics, and presenters–a who's who of downtown performance–respond to the main themes of the issue: Belief, Being Contemporary, Performance and Science, Writing and Performance. Also includes artist portfolios by Laurie Anderson, John Kelly, Julie Mehretu, Ralph Lemon, and Brian Dewan. Three group dialogues on curating, producing, and working.


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high res-Fornes cover.jpeg

This new and expanded edition of Fefu and Her Friends celebrates the 40th anniversary of the beloved play by Maria Irene Fornes, one of the most influential American playwrights. The volume includes the original version of the play, which takes play in five different environments, as well as a one-set variation, conceived and directed by the author two decades after the 1977 premiere. Also featured is an interview with Fornes by Bonnie Marranca.

In a production directed by the author, Fefu and Her Friend opened in 1977 at the Relativity Media Lab in downtown Manhattan, and then moved to the American Place Theatre, where it ran from January 8-February 5, 1978. The cast features eight distinctive women's roles. Fornes always intended the play to be available for more productions by theatres that did not have the facilities for multiple environments.

Maria Irene Fornes turned 87 years old on May 14, 2017. Due to illness she has withdrawn from public life.

A new documentary on the author, entitled
The Rest I Make Up, directed by
Michelle Memran, is nearing completion. 

"The Fornes oeuvre is one of American drama's most important achievements." - Tony Kushner

Now Available at TCG.

ISBN: 9781555541637     88 pages        $16.95

Other PAJ Publications titles of the author's plays include Maria Irene Fornes: PlaysPromenade and Other PlaysWhat of the Night?: Selected Plays, and Letters from Cuba.

PAJ's New Performance Ideas Series

Performance Ideas explores performance that crosses boundaries of all live art forms and media. In this series PAJ Publications extends its long-standing editorial commitment to bringing together the histories of performance in theatre and visual arts.

Seventy artists engaged in art as performance say what art is in these intimate portraits, accompanied by single-frame images. Artists in the volume include Marina Abramović, Carolee Schneemann, Robert Wilson, Laurie Anderson, Jonah Bokaer, Robert Ashley, Pauline Oliveros,Thurston Moore, Gary Hill, Vito Acconci, Archie Shepp, Joan Jonas, Anthony Braxton, Ann Hamilton, Yayoi Kusama, Joy Mboya, Caroline Bergvall, and many more. 


One of the hotly discussed issues of today is the turn by visual artists to theatre. Many artists have become interested in the collaborative processes of theatre, auditions and rehearsals, dramatic texts, and the use of professional actors. newARTtheatre by Paul David Young explores the important strategies that artists are using in performance, painting, video, sculpture, photography, installation, and conceptual projects.

Click Here for the Brooklyn Rail's Review


Conversations with Meredith Monk presents a richly detailed portrait of the internationally renowned composer, performer, direction, and filmmaker who has helped to create the new vocabularies of contemporary performance. Reflecting on her body of work in music, performance, and film over five decades, Monk offers fascinating insights into how she works, the questions she asks herself as an artist, and the deeply held personal views of art practice as spiritual practice fundamental to her artistic process.



PAJ was founded in 1976 by Bonnie Marranca and Gautam Dasgupta to publish important, original works in the arts and the critical commentary about them, as an ongoing dialogue between art, artists, and the public. PAJ is internationally recognized as a pioneering force in arts publishing, influencing the university curriculum, performance scholarship and documentation, and the theatrical repertoire. PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art (formerly called Performing Arts Journal) is a tri-annual periodical under the editorship of Bonnie Marranca. PAJ is committed to serious, innovative thinking on performance, dance, video, writing, technology, sound, and music, focusing all live arts in provocative cultural dialogue. PAJ issues bring to an engaged global readership a forum of critical essays, artists' writings, interviews, notations, and plays, with extended coverage of performances, festivals, and books. Podcasts, video and audio clips appear on PAJ's online home. The journal is published by special arrangement with MIT Press Journals and is distributed worldwide in a print version and online in color at

PAJ Publications – More than 150 titles in drama, criticism, and history have appeared under the PAJ imprint. Since its inception PAJ has published more than 1000 plays and performance texts, translated from 20 languages. PAJ titles are widely represented in all major university and national library collections, and arts archives around the world. Its international readership of critics, scholars, and artists crosses the borders between art forms, and the arts and humanities and science/technology. Titles can be ordered through Theatre Communications Group.  In 2016, PAJ Publications will celebrate 40 years of journal and book publishing.

Book Series in Special Interest Areas: Performance Ideas – explores performance that crosses boundaries of all live art forms and media in titles on themes or individual artists, Art+Performance – focuses on major contemporary figures whose work in performance, video, installation, dance, music, and filmmaking explore the frontiers of performance, visual, and electronic art. The heavily illustrated volumes, edited by major critics, include a selection of critical writing and interviews covering the artist’s career, writings by the artist, chronology, and bibliographic material. Drama Contemporary – features new plays in translation, organized by country or region. Modernist Performance – texts and documents from the modern and avant-garde European repertoire, covering major movements and artists, and linking the fields of theatre, visual arts, and writing. Criticism/History –volumes of criticism, historical studies, documents on 20th century performance and the drama. Plays and Performance texts– single volumes and anthologies of important plays by American authors and dramatists from the world repertoire in translation. Includes six volumes of the Wordplays series.